Ninja turtles meister splinter

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ninja turtles meister splinter

He's old, he's wise and he's a rat! Watch highlights of Master Splinter from the original TMNT cartoon series. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - Splinter Splinter hält sich eher im Hintergrund, stellt sich als Ninja- Meister jedoch auch dem. master splinter . Donatello, Michael Angelo, Raphael, Leonardo. tmnt secret of the ooze japan. All five were originally test subjects at Baxter Stockman's bioengineering firm, Stockgen Corporation. Beliebte Seiten Episodenguide Krang Yojimbo Raphael Shredder Splinter When Worlds Collide - Part 2. Despite his best efforts, an exhausted Splinter is bested by Shredder and almost killed until his sons arrive with Casey Jones to save. Inhalt ist verfügbar unter CC-BY-SA. Archie Comics Cerebus Planet Racers Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Adventures Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles IDW Comics Tales of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles TMNT Micro-Series. Yoshi, having been in contact with sewer rats, becomes a humanoid rat. Turtles Leonardo Donatello Michelangelo Raphael. He sees the Rat King come toward him, seemingly surviving his fall down as well. Krang Donatello April O'Neil Baxter Stockman Utrom Leatherhead Rattenkönig. Unable to prove his innocence and expelled from the Foot Clan, Splinter moves to New York City, where he lives as a hermit in its sewers and befriends the rats. Im ersten Kinofilm wird die Geschichte von Hamato Yoshi entsprechend den Mirage Comic-Vorlagen erzählt, jedoch war Yoshis Rivale um Shens Hand Oroku Saki selbst. Despite his love for his sons, he is fairly militant with them, especially when they are young and inexperienced. Killer's Bodyguard Logan Lucky Tulpenfieber Barry Seal - Only in America. Skull Island Ghost in the Shell Life Hell or High Water The Lego Batman Movie Populäre Filmstars Gal Gadot Jake Gyllenhaal Emilia Clarke Benedict Cumberbatch Michael Fassbender Christopher Nolan Gary Oldman Scarlett Johansson Quentin Tarantino Al Pacino Stanley Kubrick David Fincher Kommende Filme Der dunkle Turm Dunkirk The Circle Baby Driver Planet der Affen: Beliebte Seiten Episodenguide Krang Yojimbo Raphael Shredder Splinter When Worlds Collide - Part 2. Yoshi ging nach New York ins Exil, wo er dann durch das Mutagen zu Splinter wurde. At the end of the 3rd season, Splinter asks Shredder for maya ballspiel truce to stop the alien Triceratons. In the TMNT cartoon , Splinter and Yoshi are combined. The canister mutates both Splinter and the turtles. Zugehörigkeit Splinter Haustier Foot Clan Tang Shen verstorben Serie Der Uralte Serie die Wächter Serie Hamato Clan Serie Hamato Yuuta Vater. Six Stones, Four Brothers , voiced by Brad Helmut. Medien TV Serien , Comics. ninja turtles meister splinter In the episode, "Fast Forward", Splinter is sent to the future with the Turtles, but the villain, Viral, blasts Splinter with a decompiler ray that scatters his bits all over the internet. Turtles Splinter Raphael Michelangelo Leonardo Donatello Casey Jones April O'Neil. Haarfarbe Braun oder Grau. Yoshi is given the nickname "Splinter", due to his proficiency at breaking wooden boards, and he teaches them the art of ninjutsu in order to protect themselves. Ein neuer Clip vervollständigt das Mosaik namens Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.


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